The benefits of Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves have many benefits to the body.  We know that papaya fruit is also good for the body, here are some of the benefits of papaya leave important you to know:

1. As an acne medication. For those of you who feel not confident have breakouts. Especially for women who always take notice. Papaya leaves can treat it is to make it into a mask.

Keep Your Healthy Heart

tips for healthy heart
Heart is a vital organ owned by humans. Heart an organ that works very hard in our body, the heart is one organ that plays a role in the circulatory system that works 24 hours without stopping. When the heart has stopped beating, it is certain death. All men would want his heart always healthy. Keeping the heart to stay healthy is the duty of every individual. So how to keep the heart in order to stay healthy? Previously we must know beforehand traits characteristics heart disease.

Benefits Coffee for Health

Coffee for Health
Speaking of coffee, a lot of people who still think that coffee is bad for health. Actually it's not completely true, provided that consumed wisely actually beneficial to health. Whatever not just coffee, if consumed in excess is definitely not good.

According Harvard Women's Health, consumption of several cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, the formation of kidney stones, colon cancer, Parkinson's disease, liver damage (cirrhosis), heart disease and inhibit cognitive decline in brain power.

Benefits of Soursop Leaves and Soursop Fruit For Health

Benefits Leaves and Soursop Fruit for Health, if you do not know the benefits of fruit and leaves soursop. Hopefully in a short article to know what are the benefits leaves and fruit soursop that can provide a useful message for us all. Moreover, today's many people using type of herbal or ingredients natural from nature to healthcare solutions.

For the Treatment of Cancer: 10 old soursop leaves boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup, drink 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Soursop leaves have properties such as chemotherapy, even more remarkable because soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow normally.

Easy Way to Healthy

Simple healthy habits can make changes that provide great health benefits in the long run. Perform daily healthy habits can improve your health without having to spend a lot of money. Just do it - the following

Make a list of foods consumed daily
Jot down everything eaten throughout the day can help to limit the intake of calories and avoid weight gain.

The Best Way to cook/Process Vegetables

To lose weight usually consumes more vegetables than meat. Eating vegetables is no doubt very good for health. Vegetables have different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, fat, protein and carbohydrate vegetables contain lots of fiber which is useful for the health of our intestines. Some vegetables can be efficacious as a medicine, serves as seasoning and spices.

The question is better to eat vegetables raw or cooked?

Effect Sex During Menstruation

Effect Sex During Menstruation
The marital relationship had to be harmonious and understand each other well, but if the act of intercourse must be aware of the need to avoid and beware.
According to Specialist Oncology at the Jakarta Consultation Center, Prof. Dr. Li Zhong Yuan said there are three things to watch out for when having sex when a woman is menstruating.

Pineapple not Cause Vaginal discharge

Pineapple not Cause Vaginal discharge
Pineapple is one of the fruit are well known in World. But for some people, especially women often avoid pineapple fruit, by reason of a whitish culprit. Is this correct.?

Whitish itself occurs when there is a reaction that many or excessive acid in the stomach. Pineapple like other fruits when we consume usually after eating other foods into the stomach.

Vitamin D Not Just For Bones

Vitamin D Not Just For Bones
During this, vitamin D is often associated with bone health. Understand it, because vitamin D will work synergistically with calcium to maintain bone density. However, besides keeping bones strong, vitamin D has many other benefits.!

To ensure bone health, calcium is not only necessary but also required vitamin D, because vitamin D is responsible for carrying calcium from the gastrointestinal tract to the bone. No amount of calcium you consume, if not accompanied by adequate availability of vitamin D in the body, calcium is not optimal for bone health.

Benefits of Guava

Benefits of Guava
Guava (Psidium guajava L) is only popular when dengue fever outbreak. In fact, fruits rich in vitamin C has many health benefits that have not been widely known.

Guava is very much beneficial, guava is a fruit which has many nutrients and can be used to treat some kinds of diseases.

Exercise Light During Pregnancy

Exercise Light During Pregnancy
Avoid sports and activities this

During pregnancy it is better Mom avoid these activities this :

v Lifting heavy loads.
v Walk long distances with heavy loads.
v High-impact sports, sports with high risk, such as aerobics or martial arts, and activities at high altitudes.

Benefits Red Onions

Benefits Red Onions
Benefits of red onion - Plants that are used as flavoring in foods is proved to have great benefit for us. Typically used for seasoning vegetables and is often cooked as fried onion flavor that is used to complement the cuisine. But do you know the benefits of the onions themselves? For that let us see what the benefits are this onion.

Ways Maximum Sleep To Burn Calories

Ways Maximum Sleep To Burn Calories
Losing weight requires attention and dedication of those who pursue health. Exercising to spend a lot of sweat in the hope burn calories as much as possible.

While still a relatively young age and have enough stamina, you may still be able to exercise often. But when you reach middle age, sports that rely on physical strength to be very risky, so you start looking for various alternatives to help you burn calories.

Terms And Types Of Milk A Good

Terms And Types Of Milk A Good
Terms Of Milk A Good

While still inside the mammary gland, milk declared sterile. However, when it is exposed to air, milk could not be guaranteed sterility. The requirement of good milk include many factors, such as color, taste, odor, specific gravity, viscosity of, freezing point, boiling point, and the level of acidity.

Honey Can Relieves Coughs

Remember when I was young a cough, parents must participate could not sleep. Who would bear to see her continue to cough at night.? She always gives good medicine to relieve cough, quite simple as honey.

When compared with the form of cough syrup commonly sold in the market or allow their children to cough all night, honey proved better.

What True, Avocados Make You Fat.?

Although a lot of fat, avocados can make cholesterol levels decreased, prevent cancer, heart disease, and liver disorders. It also make the skin and hair more beautiful, and increase libido. Avocado (Persea Americana Mill) belongs to the plant family Lauraceae. This plant is known by the name of the foreign Advocaat or avocado pear.