Pineapple not Cause Vaginal discharge

Pineapple not Cause Vaginal discharge
Pineapple is one of the fruit are well known in World. But for some people, especially women often avoid pineapple fruit, by reason of a whitish culprit. Is this correct.?

Whitish itself occurs when there is a reaction that many or excessive acid in the stomach. Pineapple like other fruits when we consume usually after eating other foods into the stomach.

Yet we know fruit is a soft material and the most easily digested in the stomach. With the onset of eating fruits after meals other then sugar fruits that have been processed should be disaluran as energy is hampered by a process the foods other.

Hampered the process of fruit sugar into energy flow resulting in fermentation processes in the stomach. Circumstances this would enable some acid bacteria that can damage (decay) of food in the stomach, which eventually will be issued by the body in the form of mucus. Mucus is called whitish.

It is clear that not a pineapple that cause vaginal discharge, but our behavior. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of vaginal discharge in terms of diet needs to be improved, namely eating pineapple or fruit is generally a half hour early before lunch and dinner.

Besides not proven as a cause of vaginal discharge, pineapple is actually just had a content of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium for activating the reproductive function in women, including increased sexual arousal as well as the launch of menstruation.
Recent research also shows the pineapple fruit is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals materials that merit overcome premature aging, hemorrhoids, cancer, heart attacks and prevention stress.