Benefits of Guava

Benefits of Guava
Guava (Psidium guajava L) is only popular when dengue fever outbreak. In fact, fruits rich in vitamin C has many health benefits that have not been widely known.

Guava is very much beneficial, guava is a fruit which has many nutrients and can be used to treat some kinds of diseases.

Benefits of Guava

1. Hemorrhoid

Remedy 1: young guava leaves and stone banana washed, then crushed. Drinking distillation water. Do it every day on a regular basis, until it is completely healed.

Remedy 2: fresh guava fruit 500 grams of boiled using enough water until a thick liquid. Apply the liquid into the body of the sick. 

2. Cough And Influenza

Guava leaves are eaten raw or, guava fruit made juice ​​trusted for generations as a drug treating coughs and colds. This herb works by reducing the formation of mucus and make respiratory tract infection-free. Guava fruits are also rich in vitamin C and iron are effective to inhibit influenza virus infection.

3. Beser (frequent urination)

Three shoots of guava leaves are washed, salad with a little salt and pepper. Eat every day and night for 2 days.

4. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

Remedy 1: Guava ripe, and fruit mengkal 3 washed. Guava ripe blend until smooth and then filtered to obtain a guava juice.
Guava juice taken three times daily until healed DHF. Mengkal fruit eaten with the skin directly. Fruit seeds do not need to in eat.

Remedy 2: Guava leaves fresh 1 kg of washed, then cut into small pieces (chopped). Blender with enough water until smooth. Strain and endapkan, so that the leaf extract separated by water. The leaf extract oven for durability.

How to use:

- Enter the extract into a capsule and drink twice a day, every morning and evening.

- Drinking leaf extract along with a dose of guava syrup 1 teaspoon to 1 / 2 liter of diluted syrup. Drinking on a regular basis until the complaint cured.

5. Diabetes

According to studies conducted in mice, both fruit and guava leaves can help lower blood sugar levels.
The guava fruit is still mengkal cut into pieces, boiled in 3 cups water to 1 cup strain. Drink 2 times a day.

6. Diarrhea

Remedy 1: Guava leaves 30 g plus a handful of boiled rice flour with 1-2 glasses of water. The solution taken 2 times a day.

Remedy 2: Three pieces of fresh young guava leaves chewed with a little salt, then swallowed. Apply 2 times a day.

Remedy 3: Six pieces of guava leaves washed and crushed was given a cup of boiled water, juice, drink water. Enough to drink 2 times a day. Drinking distillation water. Do it every day on a regular basis, until it is completely healed.

7. Dysentery

Prepare roots of guava leaves and guava leaves 10 sheets. Chop the roots and leaves, washed, then boiled with enough water for 20 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Strain the cooking water and then drink in moderation on a regular basis until the complaint is lost.

8. Leucorrhoea

Two handfuls of young guava leaves and seven betel leaves are washed, boiled with a glass of water, strain. Wait a bit cold then drink. Enough to drink 2 times a day.

9. Wound

Three shoots of guava leaves are washed, chew until creamed. Glue on wounds. The content of its astringent to stop bleeding.

10. Ulcer

Eight pieces of guava leaves are washed, boiled with 1.5 liters of water. Drink 3 times a day.

11. Preventing Cancer

Guava contains cancer-fighting antioxidant, lycopene. Lycopene in guava is more readily absorbed than those from tomatoes because of differences in cell structure. Lycopene consumption is quite highly influential at a reduced risk of prostate cancer in men. All types of guava contains antioxidants is high, especially in red meat guava.

12. Preventing Constipation

High fiber in guava effective to prevent constipation or constipation. Guava fruit medium containing 36 percent of the recommended fiber needs. Besides fruit seeds is also a powerful laxative which works to help cleanse the intestines disposal system.

13. Lose Weight

This fruit has the components needed to lose weight, such as fiber, protein and vitamins. It also makes the stomach feel fuller. Guava which is eaten at lunch was enough to block the stomach until dinner.

14. Reduce Hypertension

Guava is a fruit that should be consumed regularly if you want to avoid heart attacks. The fruit is a hypoglycemic in nature and rich in fiber is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, a medium-sized guava could meet 20 percent of the body's daily requirement of potassium. Research also suggests regular consumption of potassium can lower blood pressure.

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15. Caring Teeth

Consumption of guava juice to treat the gums, overcome gums swollen, and bleeding.

16. Caring Leather

The content in guava astringet will improve skin texture and tighten skin that starts sagging. Not only that guava also contains vitamins A, C and potassium, which has a function as an antioxidant. These nutrients will help the detoxification process and keep skin healthy and wrinkle free.

17. Strengthen the heart, helps the digestive system, and anti cancer

Guava juice 200 ml, apple juice 400 ml, juice melon 200 ml, and pure honey 100 cc. Blend all ingredients until smooth and store in refrigerator. Drinking regularly every morning and afternoon respectively 300 cc.

18. Flatulence in Children

Three pieces of guava leaves, bark pulasari 2 cm, 5 grains fennel boiled with 1.5 cups of water until the water a half, strain. Drink 3 times a day. Dose for children under 3 years old, 1 tablespoon, over 3 years 2 Tbsp.

19. Pain of Skin

Remedy 1: A handful of young guava leaves and 7 flowers of guava washed, mash until smooth. Rub at the skin of the sick.

Remedy 2: Guava leaves fresh 500 grams of cut and boil in hot water 90 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. Strain the cooking water and use it to shower while the water is still warm. Do it regularly until the skin disease disappeared.

20. Sprue Stomach

Vitamin C in guava four times higher than the vitamin C found in oranges. In addition, the fruit is also a potent medicine for sprue stomach, a disease characterized by swollen and bleeding gums.

21. Sprue

Young guava leaves 2 sheets, 1 sheet of fresh betel leaf, a handful of fresh sage leaves washed thoroughly. Mash all ingredients until smooth then add water. Squeeze the dough and then use water to rinse his mouth 2-3 times a day.