Privacy Policy

We are aware that the privacy policies are important, so we try to write some of the privacy policy associated with the use of this website. By visit this website so visitors agree to this website Privacy Policy.

Visitors this website lots of different characters and backgrounds. They have the right to comment on our articles open comment form. We moderate comments and do not pass certain comments for some reason, but sometimes we agree without first reading the entire contents of this commentary. Therefore the consequences arising from the comments are the responsibility of the poster comment. For that please comment considering the ethical, legal, and regulatory legislation in all jurisdictions.

Do not ever leave a comment with a link (link) to porn sites, gambling sites, and is prohibited by law or statute law in Indonesia. Includes forbidden to comment containing provocation, words or phrases that violate the law.

If you continue to leave a comment with a link to a website. So the content of the linked sites are solely responsible for the comment and or website owner. If you feel there is something that is using the name and or website in the comments, please contact us and we'll delete comments that are relevant according to your request.

This web server does not belong to us personally but we rented to the other party. Since we cannot guarantee that your data will be 100% completely safe, but we promise not to ever publish and or give your data to other parties including emails unless you violate our privacy policy or the rules of the game and we have set up or if required by authority for the purposes of law enforcement.

In the case of advertising by third parties, all the creative and the consequences arising out of them entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. If Advertiser send request (IP address) directly into your browser without our knowledge. So in this case (request IP address) is fully the responsibility of the advertiser. Some of our advertising partners may use cookies (catcher trail) on our site. This website has no control or access to cookies third-party.

About Log Files

We reserve the right to perform logging or logged to a log file for our purposes. The information inside the log files generally include an Internet Protocol (IP Address), browser type, internet service provider (ISP), date and or time, referrer, click the number, demographic information and other information.

These things are not about privacy policies contained herein, may be added at any time.