Avocado or Persea Americana, is producing plants a table of fruit with the same name. This plant comes from Mexico and Central America and now widely cultivated in South America and Central America as a crop monoculture and as garden plants in other tropical regions of the world.

Trees, with stems reaching a height of 20 m with leaves along the 12 - 25 cm. The flowers are hidden with yellowish green color and the size of 5 - 10 millimeters. Its size varies from 7 - 20 centimeters, with a mass of 100 - 1000 grams; seeds are large, 5 - 6,4 centimeters.

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The fruit type Buni, has a soft leather not flat dark green to purple brown, depending on variety. Flesh Avocado light green near the skin and flaxen near the seed, with a soft texture.

~~~ History ~~~

Name of avocado or avocado (from English, avocado) comes from the Aztec language, ahuacatl (pronounced roughly "awakatl"). Aztec tribe was in the area of Central America and Mexico. Therefore, this fruit was originally known in the area.

At the time of the Spanish troops invaded the territory around the beginning of the 16th century, a variety of plants from this area, including avocado, introduced to the European population. The first person who introduced the avocado fruit to the European population of Martín Fernández de Enciso, a leader of the Spanish troops. He introduced this fruit in 1519 to the people of Europe. At the same time, the Spanish troops who invaded Central America also introduced the cacao, corn, and potatoes to the European community. Since it began to spread avocado fruit and is known by many people in the world.

Avocado was introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch in the 19 th century.

~~~ Benefit ~~~

Avocado has many benefits. Seeds used in the apparel industry as a dye that does not easily fade. Trunk can be used as fuel. Bark is used as a brown dye on leather products. Flesh can be dishes as well as a basic ingredient for some cosmetic and beauty products.

~~~ Healthy Living with Avocado ~~~

In some parts of the world, the fruit is regarded as one of the exotic and rare fruits. Maybe avocado has played an important role in your diet. After feeling a variety of dishes that contain avocado or avocado, you may be able to say that this fruit is really a lot of benefits as well as delicious fruit.!!!