Effect Sex During Menstruation

Effect Sex During Menstruation
The marital relationship had to be harmonious and understand each other well, but if the act of intercourse must be aware of the need to avoid and beware.
According to Specialist Oncology at the Jakarta Consultation Center, Prof. Dr. Li Zhong Yuan said there are three things to watch out for when having sex when a woman is menstruating.

3 It should be noted, namely :

1. Endometriosis

When the marital relationship, women will have an orgasm and at that moment that causes the uterus to contract gross of menstrual blood can enter the stomach through the oviduct. This can cause the onset of endometriosis in a woman's body.

2. Infection

The marital relationship will usually lead to injury and decay endometriumnya, menstrual blood or semen is not sterile can enter the body and cause infection.

3. Wound

Trauma can cause sores in the mouth of the uterus that caused the infection.

Aware of three issues, Dr. Li Yuan should also advise couples to wait until she finished menstruating. Once a woman has been 'clean', then the couple can have sex as usual.

A similar opinion was also expressed by Dr.. Andri Wanananda. Members of the Association of Sexology Indonesia (ASI) reveal that during menstruation the release layer in the wall of the womb (uterus) to then be replaced with a new layer.

The process is accompanied by a discharge of blood and 35 ml 35 ml serous fluid. This suggests there is an open blood vessels.
When making love while she is menstruating, when the movement of the penetration of penis into vagina, can trigger the entry of air bubbles into the blood vessels open.

It is feared the occurrence of embolism, the air bubbles are carried by the bloodstream and when clogged arteries around the heart would be fatal.
Advised to channel the passion that increases during menstruation, the couple can penetrate without putting it into the vagina. For example, with manual touch, lips or tongue couples in erotic zones.
So, having intercourse when the wife's menstruation is very risky, and best avoided. Maybe some people say that having intercourse when the wife is menstruation that will add to the enjoyment, but it would also lead to effects - effects.