Tangible Evidence of consuming Carrot Juice Every Day

Ann Cameron a woman who suffered from colon cancer stage 4, finally recovered from his illness after eating regularly Carrot Juice 1 liter per day. Though cancer suffered by Ann Cameron had already spread to his lungs, the doctors have even been given the offer of chemotherapy by the medical team. Ann stated the doctor only has a lifetime of 2-3 years. But Ann did not despair of the current situation; he chose alternative treatments that have been inspiring him after there was a man named Ralph Cole already lucky and survived his cancer illness during this time. Cole eventually consumes carrot juice for eight weeks was finally declared cured by a doctor since 2006.

Inspired by Cole, Ann Cameron eventually followed in the footsteps of Cole with carrot juice daily consumption of 1 liter per day of 2.25 kg of carrots, and it does routinely. Ann Cameron also decided to try it. He regularly drinking carrot juice, within eight weeks of tumors in the body stops growing. Miraculously after 13 months of consumption of carrot juice finally Ann Cameron also declared cured of cancer stage 4 gnawing. A CT scan is made clear that cancer has become smaller and disappeared. Ann finally cured of cancer that had been gnawing at him. To share valuable experiences and beneficial to human beings, he also wrote a book entitled Curing Cancer with Carrots alias treating cancer with carrots. For those of you who are interested in the use of just a carrot as a cancer therapy, good luck hopefully always healthy.