Benefits Rosemary Leaves For Health

Rosemary is a plant that is often used as a spice in cooking, especially for Mediterranean dishes. Rosemary leaves a very distinctive smell, so it is usually employed in mixtures when we make soups or other dishes. Also, the rosemary also leaves unique because of its tapered like a needle.

Since ancient times, rosemary is used as an herbal remedy. Substances contained in these leaves have positive benefits for the body.

Here are Nine benefits to the health of rosemary leaves

1. Good For Anti-Bacterial
Rosemary is believed to increase endurance that acts against bacteria that cause abdominal pain. It also contains anti-bacterial properties that protect you from a staph infection.

2. Improve Digestive Health
Poor digestion due to food consumption can cause diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, abdominal cramps, flatulence and other gastric problems.To prevent this, you can use rosemary as a solution.

3. Increase Fertility Hair
Rosemary is also believed to increase fertility hair, keep it long, and beautiful. Mix one tablespoon of rosemary oil, two tablespoons of almond oil and massage your scalp for 20 minutes every day for 6-7 months.

4. Increase Blood Circulation
Rosemary oil can improve blood circulation in the scalp. Use your fingertips that have been applied to essential oils and do massage on the scalp with circular motions to feel the results.

5. Helps Kidney Function and Work
Rosemary is known as a natural ingredient that contains a diuretic because it helps reduce bloating and water retention in your body. Rosemary is used and added in to make a potion in the diet because it will increase the production and flow of urine. This course will also directly help the kidneys function to remove excess water in your body so as to make the amount of water in the kidney that is on the healthy side.

6. Breathing Can Overcome Problems
Over the years, Rosemary has been thought to help you who suffer from respiratory problems. Inhaling the scent of rosemary oil helps dissolve clogged breathing such as flu, colds allergies, irritation of the throat and sinuses.

7. Improve Memory and Concentration Brain
Rosemary can significantly improve brain performance will also affect the increase in the level and ability regarding memory. But it is important also to know when to consume too much rosemary will also weaken your cognitive function.

8. Can Prevent Cancer
Acid carnosol, carnosic Ursolic acid and rosmarinic acid found in rosemary can prevent or suppress the development of tumors and cancer in the body.
It also reduces the risk of cancer of the colon, breast, stomach, liver, melanoma cells and leukemic cells.

9. Slowing the Aging Process
Because it has anti - inflammatory and antioxidant content, rosemary become a widely used ingredient for creams anti - aging and lotions. Not only stimulate the regeneration of skin, but also create and enhance the overall brightness of the skin color. It also makes the skin more radiant by optimizing blood circulation