How to remove the Scars Naturally

For most women who have the instinct always to look beautiful, have forgotten the former can be very embarrassing and annoying Naturally when these scars must be covered, so that is not visible from the outside.

For those who have excess money can eliminate these scars to perform plastic surgery. But, what if there is no money to do so? Relax, several kinds of natural ingredients can help you to get rid of old scars that have been many years in your skin.

What are they? You can listen to them below.

1. Tea Used
The trick: Rub a teacup that has been unused to the skin of a scar. Massage gently and let stand about 15 minutes, doing routine twice a week. O yes, for tea bags should go and take tea dregs, yes.

2. Leaves Kapok
The trick: Set up a few leaves of kapok that have been washed with clean first. Rub leaf cottonwoods scar twice a day. For the max result, blender or grow and use as a topical medication. But if you feel itchy, stop and use other methods.

3. Fruit Pare
How: Growing pares and take the juice and water. Combine the water pare with rice flour until thickened. Then apply on the scars regularly. The bitter fruit is also perfect for those who want to brighten the skin, you know.

4. Egg White and Honey
Separate the egg whites from the yolks and mix with honey to taste. Then stir until evenly mixed. Apply it on the skin with scars. This herb is also useful for removing blemishes on the face.